Friday, 13 January 2017

1st Ottawa Valley Age of Sigmar Showdown

The 1st Ottawa Valley ITC Age of Sigmar Showdown

Hello!  I would like to welcome you to the first ever Age of Sigmar event hosted in the Ottawa Valley.  The Ottawa Valley boasts an excellent hobby community filled with players that love wargaming, everything from Batman to X-Wing, including but not limited to Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40K, Flames of War, Warmachine, and more!

This event will act as an introduction to Age of Sigmar in a tournament style event for the Ottawa Valley.  While the focus will be on playing games and having fun, the ultimate goal will be to increase the number of games and players of Age of Sigmar this side of Ottawa.

First and foremost a big thanks must go out to Perkins' Hobby House for letting us run the event in the store and helping improve our prize support. 

A special thanks to CanHammer for helping promote the event, and for them to allow me to use their tournament post as a very generous guideline for this.  

I would also like to thank Frontline Gaming for helping promote the event.  You can find more information about Frontline Gaming and the ITC at their homepage.

Now on to the details!

When: March 11, 2017

Price: $10.00 - Payment due March 4, if you do not pay by then, we will proceed to the next on the wait list if there is one.  Payments are accepted at Perkins' Hobby House and cash via online payments, contact me for details.

Perkins' Hobby House
56 Mohns Avenue
Petawawa, Ontario K8H 2G9
Phone: 613-687-6394

Comp / Missions / Schedule
We will be using three randomly decided scenarios out of The General’s Handbook, and rounds will be roughly 2 hours in length.  This event will count for Age of Sigmar ITC ranking points!
  • Registration: 09h15-9h30
  • Round 1: 9h45-11h45
  • Lunch: 11h45-12h15
  • Round 2: 12h15-14h15
  • Round 3: 14h15-16h15
  • Awards: 16h15
Armies are to be 1500 points in size and follow all restrictions outlined in The General's Handbook.  For the purpose of this event we will be following Vanguard restrictions unless we go up to Battlehost.

Only units with points in the Age of Sigmar app will be allowed in your army construction.

Please bring an additional copy of your army list for your opponent.  Sharing is caring and the easier we can make the event for everyone, the better!

Armies are not required to be painted.  That being said, games look a lot better when your forces are painted.

For more questions you can contact me:
@CoryJMartin (Twitter)


1. Cory Martin (Paid)
2. Jason Harris (Paid)
3. Matthew Jacquard (Paid)
4. Trevor Holt (Paid)
5. Huge Genge (Paid)
6. Fraser Lupton (Paid)

Prizes and Awards:
Best Overall (1st, 2nd, and 3rd)
Best Grand Alliance General (Order, Chaos, Destruction, and Death)
Player's Choice Best Overall Army Presentation

Exact prizes are yet to be determined, however, all money brought in will be put towards prizes.  Perkins' has stated they are willing to add an additional 25% in store credit on top of all registration fees.

House Rules / FAQ

This event will be using the GW FAQ that can be found in the GW Age of Sigmar app and here.  This event will also be using the tournament rules from The General's Handbook.  In addition, this event will use the following house rules.
  • Distances are measured from base to base.  This also means that you are not able to overlap bases (your own, or opponent's).
  • Models occupy a cylinder of space that extends from the edges of the base to the top of the model's head.  All distances should be measured to this cylinder of occupied space.
  • Terrain will be fixed and setup by the TO.  If you feel the table appears to be unfair or has moved, please ask us to investigate the error.
  • Models are not allowed to garrison in buildings for this event.
  • Models should be mounted on the base they are supplied with.  If you are using square bases or different sized bases, we will always go with what is deemed the most fair.  You should not be modelling for advantage as it is not in the spirit of the game.  If you are concerned about the base, please email
  • The General's Handbook and the FAQ sometimes contradict one another.  In a circumstance where this occurs the ruling we will go with will be The General's Handbook.
    • For example: The FAQ states that a model with a 1+ save will automatically pass an armour save, however The General's Handbook states that a roll of 1 always fails.  In this case the armour save would fail.  Contact with any questions.
  • Carrion models are unable to hold objectives unless they have been on the ground since the end of the previous battle turn (the bottom of the most recent turn).  This allows you to be on the ground at the end of the turn, and then if you win the Priority Roll you are able to score.
  • Some missions have a sudden death mechanic.  In the case of a sudden death major victory the player who scores it wins immediately.
  • Your army list must specify the following:
    • General
    • Units (please specify your Battleline choices)
    • Allegiance abilities, artefacts, and spells
    • Reinforcement points (You are not required to list what you want to summon, just the points available to do so.)
    • Total points
  • Objective markers are required for this event.  We would like to see objective markers range from 25mm (quarter) to a poker chip.  In any case we will be measuring ranges to the middle of the marker to determine if a model or unit controls it.  The actual size of the marker is fairly irrelevant, and they are used for ease of visual aids.
  • Deployment will be using the rules outlined in the official GW FAQ.  If a unit / model is part of a Warscroll Battalion it may deploy normally or as a part of the Battalion.  
  • UPDATED (Jan 14, 2017) Kairos Fateweaver may change the result of any die roll in the battle that occurs after players have deployed and determined who goes first. The exception as per his rule is that you may not change the role to determine who goes first in a battle round. He may chose the result to be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 once per game as per his rule.
  • If you are to include a Sylvaneth Wyldwood in your army, it can be homemade.  However there are the following restrictions:
    • It must possess a nearly identical footprint to that of a Citadel Wood.
    • There is a minimum of three trees on the base.
      • These trees are considered part of the terrain feature and may not be moved to allow units or characters through.
    • The TO must approve of the Wyldwood prior to the event.  Contact me with any questions.

Army Guidelines

We will be using points as outlined in The General's Handbook, or otherwise published in the Age of Sigmar App.  The following rules apply:
  • Each player must construct a Vanguard Army (pg. 107) that is no more than 1500 points and is constructed from only one of the four Grand Alliances (Chaos, Order, Destruction, and Death).  The army must also follow the rest of the guidelines as published in The General's Handbook
Modified Vanguard
Other Units
Any Number

  • Reinforcement points must be included in your army list.  You will begin each game with this many points to summon from.  This pool will remain the same through each round.  You are not required to list what units you want to summon from, but if your opponent should ask please tell them.  If possible please have all units you are able to summon ready to place on the board.  This increases enjoyment of the game for your opponent since he or she may not want to watch you dig through a case to find a specific model.
  • Summoned units must be fully constructed and must represent the actual model they are.  Conversions, kitbashes, and alternative models are welcomed, however, please make it clear to your opponent and the TO if questions should arise.
  • Warscroll Battalions and models without points are not considered for match play and will not be allowed for this event.  If you feel there is an error for something please contact me and we can address these on a case by case basis.
  • When deciding if a player is eligible for a Triumph roll reinforcement points are factored into your total amount of points.  For example if a player has 1000 points listed and 500 reinforcement points, they are considered to be a 1500 point army and not a 1000 point army.
  • Allegiance abilities will be used for this event, though they must be selected on your army list.  These will not change throughout the event.  This is the same for Artefacts, and spells if your army has a lore you can chose from.  The General's Handbook has a FAQ entry that says you can always take a Grand Alliance Allegiance Ability even if you are a subfaction.
  • Any Warscrolls that have been replaced will be obsolete, and you must use the most up to date one.  There are some circumstances where a Warscroll is not updated in the Age of Sigmar App but is through the main Games Workshop site.  We will attempt to locate all updated ones in this case.  The one example I can think of off the top of my head is Nurgle Plaguebearers.  Be sure to double check before your games.

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